The Wisdom of Life (A letter to a friend)

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The Wisdom of Life (A letter to a friend)

By: Amir H. Zekrgoo

My Dearest Friend:

The letter you wrote

Was pure and clean

Its love so gentle

Its anger so mean,


Roughly polluted

With a taste of pain

Full to the brim

With the fresh smell of rain,


It sounded so sad

But deep within

I sensed a spirit

So kind and keen,


The words and phrases

Were pleasant to read

Through them once more

To me was revealed:


The essence of life

The cost of love

Fires from beneath

Showers from above,


The wisdom of life

Doesn’t come so cheap

Sometimes in the path

Your heart will weep


The tears will flow

Like rivers of light

To wash the way, and

Clear your sight.



Pains have missions

They help us grow

They polish our souls

To shine and glow


They may annoy, but

Such is the cost

That we have to bear, so

We won’t be lost,


They’re signs for us

To see and know:

Whether we should stand

Or must rush to go,


When we shall wait

In the freezing snow

Or when to tiptoe

Towards the rainbow,


May be it’s time

For you to go!

To leave behind

Sorrow and foe,


To pass the phase

Of the freezing snow

And arrive in the land

Of the shiny rainbow,


May be that’s where

You are meant to go!





The time has come

And the moment is now

Don’t doubt the signs

Do not ask how,


Dance with the wind

Slide with the snow

Rise with the fire

Go with the flow,


Your pack is heavy

Leave it behind

Clear your conscience –

Your heart, your mind,


Move on with peace

For I’m sure you’ll find

A land full of wonders

A God that’s kind


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